Three times Quentin Tarantino referenced a movie of his that he hadn’t made yet.

Quentin Tarantino films are known for sharing characters (Vega Brothers, Sheriff McGraw), brands of cigarettes (Red Apple) and fast food restaurants (Big Kahuna Burger). All his films pretty much exist in the same endz or universe as each other (except Jackie Brown, based on Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch).

I’m a huge Tarantino fan!!! Next level shit. If I had kids I’d love him more than them.

So while I was in the middle one of my annual Tarantino-fests (sit and watch all his films, alone, in a row… like a dweeb) I noticed something a little trippy. Although it may have just been the lack of sleep, lack of food in my growing couch potato looking body, lack of company or maybe I was still a little drunk from my messy one the night before (no one told me that getting older means hangovers will last for fucking days now) I’ve decided to share my findings:

So here are three times Quentin Tarantino referenced a movie of his that he hadn’t made yet.

1. Reservoir Dogs.


In Tarantino’s 1st movie Reservoir Dogs, the rainbow gang have a random chat about the difference’s between white women and black women (I don’t see no difference coz we’re all equal and all that shit init). Nice Guy Eddie describes a lady he knew who was similar to the TV character Christy Love. Pam Grier’s name comes up as the actress who played Christy Love but Mr Orange corrects them by dropping these bars:

“No it wasn’t Pam Grier. Pam Grier was the other one. Pam Grier did the film. Christy Love was like the Pam Grier TV show without Pam Grier.”

Pam Grier went on to play Jackie Brown in Tarantino’s 3rd movie.


See, that’s some future shit right there.
2. Pulp Fiction


In Tarantino’s 2nd movie Pulp Fiction, while Marcellus Wallace is being raped in the basement of the pawn shop (Some deep shit boy). Butch is upstairs choosing his weapon of choice to save the fucking day. A mad honorable ting for him to do because the them two were literally trying to blow each others heads off a second ago.

He goes through a bunch of different tools then eventually lands on the Katana sword which he uses to murk-off one of the rapists.

Quentin Tarantino’s 4th movie was Kill Bill about a bad-gyal chick with a Katana sword.


Yo maybe Tarantino owns his own Delorian that’s been pimped out by Doc Brown.

3. Jakie Brown.


In Tarantino’s 3rd movie, Ordell sits with bail bondsman Max Cherry to discuss hiring his services but before they get to talking business Ordell points to a picture on the wall of Max with that dude Debo from the movie Friday and cheekily asks:

“Who’s that Mandingo looking nigga you got up there on that picture with you?”


Tarantino’s 7th film is Django Unchained. Plantation owner Calvin Candie participated in the bloodsport Mandingo fighting.


I’m sure there’s more. But I don’t wanna expose Tarantino’s secret of owning a time-machine. Maybe he’s gonna start a biz in the future where he sends dudes back in time to be murked-off by assassins in the past.

I would.