Top 5 Moving Scenes of 2014/15 – (AKA scenes that made me cry like a byatch.)

True Detective, Season 2.

I don’t care what the rest of the world says, season 2 of True Detective was dope! It really was. I won’t go into why I’m right and why you’re all wrong now, but this scene is an example of its greatness. Vince Vaughn’s character tells his recently murdered best friend’s son how the pain he’s currently feeling will end someday and will make him stronger. A solid gold moment.


I heard loads of shit about this film but I think its much better than people say it is and this scene in the first act really caught me off guard.

After my future ex-wife Scarlet Johansson gets some next-level, superhero-like powers, what does she do? She does exactly what I would have done in a scary situation, she calls her Mum. I really think I’m getting soft in my old age.


What an amazing film! Emma Stone KILLS IT with these harsh truths for her old man.


I love me some Ninja Turtles. I wasn’t a huge fan of the reboot but this scene had me bawling like a baby. And I don’t mean a little teary eyed and sniffles crying, I’m talking howling at the moon, beating my chest like King Kong type of crying.

In what may be their final moments, Raphael, the aggressive outcast of the siblings, finally breaks down and apologises for being so hard on them.

I Origins

This is the final scene of a movie that you HAVE TO WATCH! If you just watch this scene without seeing the flick then it’ll make no sense. An amazing movie with a extremely unique premise and solid performances. My god did this scene get me!

So those are my Top 5 Moving Scenes of 2014/15, AKA scenes that got me crying like a byatch.



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