Wedding Dates

Wanna watch all 6 episodes of Wedding Dates? You’re in the right place!

After a committed decade together an engaged couple agree to allow each other to go on dates with other people as long as they don’t break “the rules”.

Wedding Dates is my comedy web series that I created for BWNGtv. We’ve had an amazing response, I’ve made some new super-talented friends and I’m learning something new with every episode we shoot.


Sean and Jamie decide to bring some excitement into their relationship by allowing each other to go on dates. Rules must be established first! Hope it goes well or they may be The Walking Dead.


Sean goes on a blind date set up by Wayne. What could go wrong? Sean wears a suit and for once doesn’t look like a Scrub.


Feeling a little ignored by Sean, Jamie starts to go on her first dates. But the male attention starts to go to her head. Apparently she felt like a Ghost.


Feeling a little suffocated, Sean encourages Jamie to go on a few more dates. Sean and Wayne stay at home and watch Edge of Tomorrow.


Sean goes on a “date” while Jamie has a “situation” with a friend from the gym. Things start to get very Pulp Fiction.

Episode 6

Sheriene invites the whole gang over for a little house gathering but things start to get a little……. strange. One things leads to another and it all goes bad, Breaking Bad.